Which Airport Will Make Your Trip Worthwhile?

Have all your flights been delayed recently? Was it because of a snow storm? Your destination? It was more likely because of the airport you flew out of. The flight routes below have been categorized by the percentage of delayed flight out of a given airport. Flight routes that are delayed 30% of the time (or less) are highlighted in blue, this is a normal percentage. Routes that are delayed between 30%-50% of the time are colored gray, this is not uncommon and needs to be accounted for when traveling. Flight routes that are delayed 50% or more of the time are highlighted in orange. These routes are almost guaranteed to be delayed and should be avoided and taken into account for very carefully.

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Above Average

Hover to view flight routes for a given airport. Blue routes have a an average amount of delays,
gray routes are above average, and orange routes have a high amount of delays.

U.S. Commercial Airport Delays

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Amount of Traffic Between Airports

Here is an idea of the amount of traffic that goes through the top 10 airports in the country. The larger the sections, the more flights that travel in and out of that given airport. Lines correlate to the amount of flights out of an airport into the other. For example, most of the top traffic into SFO comes from LGA.