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Homelessness & Minimum Wage


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Project Background
Is homelessness a dilemma that we, as a nation, can collectively work to decrease? Is it something that we cause and does the United States provide enough resources to prevent homelessness? That is the real question at hand. According to the facts and figures below, minimum wage does not provide enough for the average worker (40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year) to survive according to the average cost of living. The minimum wage varies by state, with many just adhering to the federal minimum. In fact, only about 35% of the states (16 out of 50) have a minimum wage that would allow a full time worker to survive comfortably. These numbers correlate with the rate of homelessness in each state. States with a higher rate of homelessness tend to have a higher cost of living than minimum wage provides.

The project was built as a single HTML page, styled with CSS. The interactive charts and maps are all built with Google Charts.

Google Charts
Living Wage Calculator
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Annual Homeless Assessment Report
The Washington Post

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