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UX Gofer is a web and mobile application that makes User Experience Research easier, faster, and more accessible. The purpose of this study was to investigate the software systematically and to evaluate UX Gofer for usability issues prior to its next release. The results of this study will be used to inform the upcoming re-design and product development phases of this product. We conducted a series of studies and tests including a heuristic review, a competitive analysis, and a usability test.

Project Details
The heuristic review was conducted by each of the four moderators individually and then aggregated. It resulted in a list of keepers including the “Adding Task” feature, “Copy existing study” feature, timer, difficulty scale, agenda selection, and a list of opportunities in regards to help/demo features, information architecture improvement, and improvement on system affordances including feedback.

For the competitive analysis we analyzed UX Gofer against Loop11 and User Zoom. UX Gofer scored a 34/60, Loop11 a 46.5/60, and User Zoom a 36.75/60. All three include task and question creation, are customizable, and allow for study data reviews by participant. Ux Gofer is different from the others in that it does not offer any recruiting or company moderated tests, but allows the users to go more in depth in the options they have in creating a study. UX Gofer allows for more advanced moderator guide creation and specific participant scheduling features. Features we found that UX Gofer could benefit from include a lightbox test preview, a “Save and Continue” on each page, participant recruitment, a data review dashboard, free trials, and multi-language support.

The usability test was conducted with 5 participants by 4 moderators. We tested the user flow within the Participant menu, Moderator guide, and data collection of UX Gofer. We found a total of 11 problems and 3 keepers.  The system was found to be difficult to navigate, however, overall once participants got used to the system they were able to make less mistakes within the tasks. This is not ideal for a well thought out design. We recommend fixing the navigation of the system as a first priority and then adjust other elements of the design after. Overall, UX Gopher needs to work on navigation, labelling, locations, and associations.


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