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VR Design and Programming: ArtiHuman


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What it is
ArtiHuman is critical art that will be used as an exhibition piece. It is an interactive virtual-reality demonstration that is based on a human that has become 80% robot and is now only 20% human. The nanotechnology in the ArtiHuman’s body has developed an artificial intelligence system on its own and now acts as the subconscious of the human. Within the game, the player has to learn how to use their new body, while the subconscious continuously talks them through it and explains that it is a superior intelligence system that was installed and will improve as it learns the human’s behaviors.

Project Details
The piece was built as my capstone project to conclude my MFA in Interactive Media at the University of Miami. It took approximately 330 hours over 4 months to complete. The process included storyboarding, implementation, testings, revisions and corrections, documention, and writeups.


  • Samsung Gear VR Headset
  • Power A Moga Hero Gamepad
  • Compatible Samsung mobile device


  • Unity (including downloadable Unity game assets)
  • Adobe Suite
  • Autodesk Maya

View Tutorial and Documention Here